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Welcome to Dobson Entertainment, Inc! Dobson Entertainment has been delivering high-quality, award winning video productions for more than 25 years. Founded and managed by award-winning filmmakers and designers, we deliver five-star results for small businesses and many of the world’s most recognizable brands. Our talented team of professionals, using our state of the art facility & cutting edge equipment with a world class work ethic. Our proven track record of creating profitable, on time, on budget campaigns and our consistently effective corporate multimedia solutions have been part of our branded tradition for over two decade. Time and again, our clients and countless companies ask us to do what others can't; Deliver consistent results without all the personalities and excuses. Give us a call. Allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations. From concept to complete production.

DSA Involvement in the 2013 SITDEF show, and DSA Peruvian Army Demo

Togwotee Mountain Lodge
(Digital media campaign)


Tour of Elk Grove TV Show

Born to Ride 9
  "In Search of Snow"

Northlake Police
Recruitment Documentary


Winner of the 2012 / 2013 Mac Com Awards


Web video/YouTube
DSA Inc 2013
"DSA Involvement
in the SITDEF Show"

Web video/marketing
Castle X 2012
"A New Direction"
Television Program
(Broadcast & Cable)
"2012 Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove"

Winner of the 2011 
Mac Com Awards


Video/Film Marketing Production or Service
"FAL the First Black Rifle"

  Winner of the 2010 DV Awards


Long Format Recruitment
"Northlake Police Department"

Winner of the 2010 Mac Com Awards


Video/Film Marketing Production
"Tatou Track Systems"

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